A unique city 🌃 view of Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 by @angela_nikolau

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Marion E. Currier (@marion.currier)

The only reason someone does something this crazy is because it keeps getting posted. Why encourage someone's death wish, for an earthpix view nobody can even concentrate on?🤔


I.san 🌱 (@i.doumer)

This is absolutely not a unique view. All I can see is a werckless girl wearing high heels putting her life in danger. For what? Use drone lady 🙄


Jennifer Hope (@leftyletterist)

This is foolish and irresponsible. You post gorgeous, amazing photos, but risking a life - especially someone else's - like this just to get a cool shot makes me lose all respect. If she was in a safety harness, it would be almost acceptable, but I don't see one.


Vincent Choo (@_vincerely_)

Nice view but I don't recommend posting this. You are making them famous and indirectly encouraging people to follow their footsteps. A short burst of strong wind will send her straight to hell.


Erlinda (@hilajana)

@greggyjan no thank you. I would prefer not to fall to my death trying to take a selfie 😬


Karen Bare (@kdbare)

@earthpix Stop promoting dangerous behavior. We can enjoy the beauty without encouraging people to be foolish. Unfollowing!

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