#EverybodyNow #ExtinctionRebellion #TheTimeIsNow @extinctionrebellion

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#EverybodyNow #ExtinctionRebellion #TheTimeIsNow @extinctionrebellion
#EverybodyNow #ExtinctionRebellion #TheTimeIsNow @extinctionrebellion
#EverybodyNow #ExtinctionRebellion #TheTimeIsNow @extinctionrebellion
#EverybodyNow #ExtinctionRebellion #TheTimeIsNow @extinctionrebellion
#EverybodyNow #ExtinctionRebellion #TheTimeIsNow @extinctionrebellion

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Исмаил Попов (@ismailpopov)

Honey Cara🙄 I feel that you are missing some solidarity from people. They are drawning in their own daily routine. I don't blame them. Just be on ur way, Cara. Mb some beautiful songs can help us. About suffering global nature. What do u think? I can think about it tightly.


Toni Mikoleiczik (@mikoleiczik)

lol FAKE rebelir doch GEGEN DICH UND DEIN STAATENSYSTEM du bist es das LEBENSLÄNGLICH bekahm NICHT DEIN STAAT DU aber dein staatensystem wollen auch net



Organize naps, meals and showers in exchange for volunteer shifts of shared responsibility tasks and distributed authoritative work experiences. I’m a little proud of this participation. I was on the fence about the upside down ☮️.


Christian Lorenz (@plapperschlange)

This 'rebellion' comes from hope & of course it's good for the environment to 'fight'. There are many who stand apart from organizations, overreacting or extremist to the current situation. Going for the road is one thing. But what happens if we really start fighting on the streets? What will that make us? This fight will not take place on a distant battlefield, but in the middle of the US, UNDER OUR CHILDREN !!! We must not lose ourselves !!! Save the rebellion ... Save the dream !!!


べとべと (@hokahokaberto)

Is it true lots of people and siblings of patients where this rebel things were conducted, were unable to go to the hospitals due to the 'protest'? Im not british but for god's sake that ain't polite


M.e.G. (@emanresumai)

..les rebell and fight their well distributed food and fair planned future indeed.. 🔞

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