My baby angel @cynthialovely is a MOOD. #MoodSwing EP is out now! 👼Angel’s👼 my favorite - which one is yours? Link in Stories!

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realberniceburgosx🔵 (@realberniceburgosx)

To the person who's reading this... I know you either worried, overwhelmed, struggling in some way or questioning God. But listen, he loves you, and had a plan to bring you out of this stronger, brighter and better than you were before.. You're going to make it.Dear person reading this, you deserve a life full of happiness and positivity. So don't let others get to you, just believe in yourself. You're full of greatness 💪🏾


Ian Jet Li Edmonds (@iancraigedmonds)

Its almost my birthday, in hoping my dad is out of hospital by then, hes really ill, im just worried because he has water going to his lungs and got emotional too , i hope that i can chat with my friends if i need to and i want to make new friends

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