My Crew Mood. Just hold on, we gone get right with you! @mavcarter @ernieramos @richpaul @pr_rwtw 🤣💪🏾👑 #FactsThough

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My Crew Mood. Just hold on, we gone get right with you! @mavcarter @ernieramos @richpaul @pr_rwtw 🤣💪🏾👑 #FactsThough

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L.J Gray (@l.j_gray)

If this is becoming a big issue. China can have their own internet server and services... You cannot blame @kingjames for using his freedom of speech in his own country. @jharden13 it's becoming petty now. Another country ain't gone control what we say because they don't like it. They best do like a walkie talkie and jump to another #frequency  @houstonrockets still don't agree with @darylmorey but you ain't gone attack others who are within their rights. They better check themselves. They ain't running the internet. But then again 🤔 damn near everything is made from China... @yao someone better draw the line. Keep the feeling in check.


Kshyne732 (@kshyne732)

You spoke your mind and your heart was true yesterday. Who care what they think. We behind you bro


Brad Nich (@bradroll40)

Maybe one of those projects is educating yourself on the human rights violations done on a daily basis in China!!

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