@kendalljenner wears the Sculpting Bra ($32 in sizes XXS-5XL) and the Solution Short ($42 in sizes XXS-5XL) in Clay. SKIMS LAUNCHES TOMORROW AT 9AM PST / 12PM EST. Join the waitlist now at SKIMS.COM to be the first to shop SKIMS when it drops.

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Hanan (@hanoonnnnnnnnnn)

Why are you using a super model to push a brand that is targeted to women with bodies that actually need solution wear?


Sandra Silva (@caboverdeana33)

Makes her feel more confident abt what? Shes like a size 0 with 0 body fat. This is so weird. Please show us what this shapewear does for someone who actually needs it. Smh.


leighla (@leighlababyy)

Forget that she’s a size zero wearing “shape wear”... this was the most awkward and lazy ad I’ve ever seen you put out for one of your products 💀

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