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Sylvia Crev (@crevier13)

She’s gorgeous! She’s the perfect example that us women don’t need to wear make up! She’s herself!. Just because she’s a celeb you think she got face surgery? Like seriously not all celebrities are like that or do that!. I don’t think Justin or Hailey would appreciate your negativity comments!. He loves Hailey! It’s cute he’s showing that she doesn’t need too look good to be beautiful!, at least show respect god..



Look at all these keyboard warriors. Dang. Leave Hailey and Justin alone. I can guarantee a lot of you would never say out loud face to face what you say in your comments. Stop it. Grow up. If you think they’re doing something wrong, advise them in private. Don’t make a public comment


@S♥el........... (@mangoitssel)

You people are heartless and all you do is bully others but then you all call others bullies. How can women preach equality and respect for women when you can't respect each other

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