Getaways with you are all I need

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Getaways with you are all I need

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If that was all you needed then you probably wouldn’t have to post it on Instagram 💔💔💔


Bieber Support (@bieberrsupport)

I'm glad you got a moment away from everything! The world is good, but sometimes we need to disconnect and be close to the people we love. You guys are very lucky to have each other.


HBS (@haileybstyle)

EU AMO VOCÊS E É ISSO. vou proteger vocês até o último segundo. AAAAAAAAAAA


fan page / im a girl (@dabsjustin)

justin if u don’t wanna do music anymore just be honest ur keep saying new album its not there i don’t believe anymore its ur choice but just be honest u don’t have to go on tour if u don’t want too health comes first just be honest with us beliebers


Morgan (@morgan___89)

Were you on your phone the whole time like you’ve been photographed lately? Every time you’re with your you’re glued to your phone. Must make her feel super special. And this is the picture you chose to show. You care more about yourself and your clothing line and her. Can’t even post a cute picture

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