Hope you find time to read this it’s from my heart

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Hope you find time to read this it’s from my heart

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YOUNG MASSEY (@kylemassey)

This is so powerful. I experienced ups and downs in my life being a “celebrity” and the point of view of the child Star is one most people and media ignore. It’s a blessing to be apart of a industry like entertainment and growing up in it is a dream. my family and friends are the ONLY reason why iv been able to keep myself true and down to earth and my head on straight. Thank you for this post @justinbieber this just uplifted my day. Thank you for the love you spread. The world needs more of you. Never stop believing.


DOGPOUND (@dogpound)

things get better, step by step. Life knocks us down everyday but we get up and dust ourselves off and we keep moving forward. We don’t stay down. We never stay down. WE RISE, baby! and We rise together. We got your back. 💕💕💕 Love, DP fam.


Dani and Dannah Lane (@danianddannah)

We love you brother and give you the best gift we have and that’s prayer, loyalty and love 💙💙🙏🙌 Jesus loves us all even when we can’t reason or love ourselves and his love is unmatched! Keep pushing you got it and are inspiring those who feel similar to keep fighting 🙏🙌


Mally Mall™ (@mallymall)

“HOPE” is what you give millions of kids !!! Never stop being “U” ur 1 in a billion little Bro!! NEVER 4Get that!!! 🤺



Beautiful Jus... i am so proud of you (you already know) 😍 love you soyyyyyyy much

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