Hate I had to miss this one(shooting Space Jam 2) but my brothers @mavcarter & @pr_rwtw held it down in my absence! Great group of people we had for this episode and you won’t wanna miss it! 9/3 #TheShop @hbo @uninterrupted 💈 @kevinhart4real @kevinlove @gronk @lilnasx @3jmccollum @cthagod 🙏🏾

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To the person who's reading this... I know you either worried, overwhelmed, struggling in some way or questioning God. But listen, he loves you, and had a plan to bring you out of this stronger, brighter and better than you were before.. You're going to make it.


paidboy. (@ayepaidboy)

Hey I’m a 14yr old producer and I would appreciate it if y’all checked my beats out, follow me, and show some love. I’m not tryna be annoying, just wanna pursue my dreams 🙏🏽❤️


Swerv (@swervszn)

“Kev you ain’t grow up in the hood” “I think my record speaks for itself” 😭😭😭

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