“When I was in the recreational gymnastics classes with a bunch of other girls my age, it was discouraging for a while because I would look over and see them doing these amazing skills. You think to yourself, "What if I had started early? That could be me right now." ⠀ Because I started later, I’ve had to work a lot on positive affirmations. No matter how far I end up going with gymnastics, I just want to show everyone I’m willing to try. So, instead of “what if,” it’s more like, “what can happen now?” — Faith Moulton #sportchangeseverything

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💮 🐩 A N N A 💮 🐩 (@annagrace.foust)

Yes! I also started Gymnastics when I was 12, and im 14. Imma be honest Im not as good as Faith but I have improved so much. I skipped 2 levels. If you work very hard at succeeding your goal it will happen. I had surgery and right now i cant do Gymnastics... but right when they approve me for going back into Gymnastics and Cheerleading you better bet imma spend all of my time doing it.


riley moulton (@mrs.rileynicolemoulton)

So beyond proud of Faith! It’s an honor to be her sister. What a blessing it is to see how much hard work and dedication she has put into this. She is truly one of the most disciplined people I know! 💛


momo (@whereare_themangoes)

I started golf at 12 years and my sister started at 2. Many people LOVE comparing us and many say that, the chances of me succeeding in golf are much lower than her chances. I won’t lie that, it got to me a bunch but that makes me work hard and focus in on the golf dream I want.


Lino (@lino_srs)

Grit your teeth and get to work! 💪💪👏👏🔥🔥🏁🏁🏁 LOVED IT!!! Get it!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👀🏁🔥


Sam Ruppen (@sambr13)

❤️❤️ This message!! The pressure to start so young is ridiculous. Every sport you try inches you closer to finding your passion. With hard work, focus and discipline sky is the limit! 💪🏻

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