Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Season 17. September 8!!!!

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Tashi (@tashi_novena)

To be honest. I lost respect for you guys after your distasteful behaviour towards a certain best friend. Publicly bad mouthing this person. ✋🏻🚫. No thanks. Won’t be watching


Ekaterina Dragokinsky (@ekaterinadrago)

Yeah Kim is no actress & looks ridiculous faking it with the whole ambulance bit. Something serious happens & like magic her make up & camera are there. Sorry but in a moment of emergency you don't take time to film, you run.


Nakelianna McNair (@just_jadala96)

Y’all so ridiculous, spewing hatred and steady going on damn get a new story line. Oh yeah make sure to change this season to Keeping Up With Jordyn Season 17. Since her name stay in y’all mouth. 😂😂


Elsa (@kyliequeenworld)

Yasss ! I’m so excited for this new season because the tea gonna be hotter than in the last one 🥵 🥵🥵


Y͟u͟r͟e͟t͟s͟ (@yurets.01)

Kim Kardashian, do you know why Nicki Minaj and Cardi B had a fight?😐 Anyone know?🤔 😕Tell me please, I don't know.😊 Sorry for question, just interesting. 😁


Sandora (@sandora861)

This show is just so FAKE now,liked it back about 5 years ago,so staged now!!!! Yes,give Jordan a huge check!!!!!! Since your family has bullied her so much,and you've all done the SAME thing!!!!!!!


Cassidy Maria (@medusamacc)

Khloe is the real savage. She deserves an Oscar for all the pain and courage she showed and dealt with. Mama of the year here

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