LQDCELL Shatter 👟👟 by @pumasportstyle ❤️

LQDCELL Shatter 👟👟 by @pumasportstyle ❤️

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Marvin Morris (@marvin_morris.146612)

She's probably the nicest woman you will have the privilege to meet she is is A amazing woman on the inside as well as on the outside I'm United States foreign service officer specialist Marvin Gene Morris by the way there was one time years ago I had been through A lot during the first war I was in doing peace negotiations in Afghanistan and Iraq when I had gotten PTSD after I ended the and got all the military Personnel back home to their families I had to go in for PTSD treatment at A military base I was there for 6 months I was so week I couldn't even get out of bed and Selena came to visit me I was so glad she stood by me through that she is the only reason I pulled through and why I'm still serving our country she helped see me through when no one else did she had faith in me and I was just so thankful to have had her in my life back then after I left that military base by Black Hawk helicopter I had lost contact with with Selena do to being deployed to A small town called Bristol Virginia and Bristol Tennessee to work with the local government offices to make sure that the United States of America keeps moving in the right direction forward there is diplomats like me stationed all around the world and every single city and state scattered throughout the United States and around the world making sure that the United States keeps moving in the right direction forward I wanted to thank Selena for staying by my side back then you know what they all say you never know what you've lost until it's gone thanks baby for taking the time to get to know me you know it's not every day you get the privilege to me and spend time with a representative of the United States of America but the pleasure was all mine and I enjoyed every minute of every day I got to spend with you 🇱🇷 Yours Truly United States Foreign Service Officer specialist Marvin Gene Morris

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